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 A Body of DIvinity : James Ussher

The Sum and Substance of the Christian Religion

James Ussher

This volume is a timely reprinting of Archbishop Ussher ’s scholarly and valuable contribution to the exposition of Christian doctrine. To it has been added the Irish Articles, of which he was the main author, and a treatise on the Incarnation, entitled “Immanuel"

"James Ussher’s magnificent theological legacy belongs to all Reformed protestant evangelicals.”

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James Ussher (1581-1656) was one of the greatest Reformed evangelicals of the seventeenth century. At an early age he rose to high academic and episcopal office. He was made a professor of divinity at Trinity College Dublin in his twenties. In his forties he was made the protestant Archbishop of Armagh.

Despite his high-profile role in public and ecclesiastical affairs he was a tireless Christian scholar. His complete works run to seventeen volumes, not including A Body of Divinity and Immanuel, which were published posthumously. The present volume also contains Ussher’s Irish Articles of 1615. Ussher’s work is a model of faithful biblical scholarship that the publishers hope will be an inspiration to all those who seek to stand for scriptural truth today.

The Body of Divinity is James Ussher’s most accessible work of theology. It provides a comprehensive summary of the Reformed Christian faith that will prove invaluable to all Christians who want to enter more deeply into the understanding of Scripture.

Ussher was a profound scholar who has much to teach contemporary evangelicals on a number of vital issues. The present volume also includes his Irish Articles of 1615 and a brief exposition of the incarnation entitled Immanuel. Together they constitute a fine introduction to the thought of one of the greatest Reformed evangelical scholars of the 17th Century.

>>Preface to A Body of Divinity. By Duncan Boyd

>>Extract from the book - pages 211-213

>>Heads of the Body of Divinity

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>>Further information about Archbishop James Ussher


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