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 Be Thankful

In the majority of churches, Holy Communion is celebrated on most Sundays, often at the main service. It is central to the life of the Christian church, yet relatively few Christians have thought through what the service really means.

Be Thankful is a course which explores the Lord's Supper,examines its biblical origins and seeks to make it a relevant and integral part of Christian understanding. With teaching from Bishop Wallace Benn, and developed by Church Society,

Be Thankful is an excellent resource for use with home groups, confirmation classes and discipleship courses, and would be ideal for use in Advent or Lent. The study book, designed to be used with the video, contains material for group study: introductory activities, details of historical context, discussion points, Bible expositions and application guidelines.

Be Thankful is suitable for use by any Christian denomination, and also provides extra material on how to use the new Common Worship services. There are five focussed sessions for a study course, with extra material for a one-off overview session.

The video tape comes with a 40 page A4 book for which permission is given to photocopy it for use within the purchaser's own Church.

Order Be Thankful online

Example study (PDF file)

Video clips (mpeg format):

Introduction (1423Kb [5 min. at 56Kbps])
Richard Bewes (495Kb [2 min. at 56Kbps])
Looking Back (918Kb [3 min. at 56Kbps])
Looking Up (730Kb [2 min. at 56Kbps])
Looking In (481Kb [2 min. at 56Kbps])
Looking Out (1062Kb [4 min. at 56Kbps])
Looking Forward (427Kb [2 min. at 56Kbps])


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