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Open Letter

25 May 2010

“Changing their minds” – a response to Tom Butler

We were saddened, but hardly surprised to hear Tom Butler, the former Bishop of Southwark, speaking this morning on Thought for the Day about how he and others have changed their minds on a variety of moral issues. It ought to be obvious to everyone that at the same time as so many in the churches have ‘changed their minds’ the Church of England, the US Episcopal Church to which Mr Butler alluded, and many other western churches have also declined numerically, spiritually and in their wider influence for good. It appears that despite the rhetoric many others have “changed their minds” and no longer see these Churches as offering anything to a broken world.

Many churches in the west have lost their way precisely because they and their leaders have changed their mind on important matters of morality and truth. Rather than accepting and living by the will of God revealed in the Bible they have preferred instead to be shaped by the whims of the culture around us. The consequences of this for the church, and for society, are dire. The collapse of the family with its particular impact on the lives of children, and the social and financial cost of sexual immorality are just two of the ways in which we are now reaping what we sow.

on behalf of the Council of Church Society



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