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2 October 2007
For immediate release

African Bishops’ Meeting

As Bishops from the African Anglican churches meet in Mauritius over the next few days we recognise that they have serious and pressing issues to address such as evangelism, poverty, disease and injustice. We pray that God would prosper their efforts to proclaim Christ in Africa and elsewhere, and to transform society for His glory.

We know that many of them are disturbed by the apparent fixation of some in the western churches with promoting homosexual practice and changing the church’s traditional teaching based on Scripture. Yet we hope and pray that out of concern for their brother and sister Anglicans around the world they will find time to do the following:

  • Declare that the statement of the US House of Bishops produced last week does not satisfy the modest request of the Anglican Primates meeting earlier in the year, and demonstrates that as a whole they have abandoned orthodox Christianity.
  • Recognise that in Anglican tradition discipline is a mark of the true Church, and therefore act clearly and decisively in the hope of bringing those in error to their senses. Specifically declare The US Episcopal Church to be out of communion, refuse to recognise their orders, and refuse to participate in fellowship with them.
  • Agree that, since the Lambeth Conference 2008 appears to be intended primarily for fellowship, they will together decline to attend and call for its suspension.
  • Seek together to formalise the previous steps considered to require the withdrawal of The US Episcopal Church as a body from the Primates Meetings, The Anglican Consultative Council and future Lambeth Conferences.

Note for editors: The Bishops will be meeting in Mauritius under the banner of CAPA (Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa) which includes the provinces of Burundi, Congo, Central Africa, Egypt, Indian Ocean, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Southern Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and West Africa. CAPA is chaired by Archbishop Peter Akinola.


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