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11 July 2007
For immediate release

Statement from Church Society regarding the recent “responses to some questions” from the Vatican.

The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (once known as the inquisition) has issued a statement clarifying Roman Catholic understanding of themselves and other churches.  Nothing new is said, but it does clarify the way in which the Vatican has torn apart Christianity because of its lust for power.

They remind us that in their view that to be a true church one has to accept the ludicrous idea that the Pope is in some special way the successor of the Apostle Peter and the supreme earthly leader of the Church.  These claims cannot be justified, biblically, or historically, yet they have been used not only to divide Christians but to persecute them and put them to death.

The desire for papal power, all too evident in history, continues to rear its head today.  Sadly, too many political leaders seek to court that power and encourage it.  In the past the English, in common with other nations, struggled against corrupt papal power for centuries.  We thank God that at the Reformation, England, and the Church of England, were set free from that power.

We are grateful that the Vatican has once again been honest in declaring their view that the Church of England is not a proper Church.  Too much dialogue proceeds without such honesty.  Therefore, we would wish to be equally open; unity will only be possible when the papacy renounces its errors and pretensions.


From the Vatican statement:

  • “Question: Why do the texts of the Council and those of the Magisterium since the Council not use the title of "Church" with regard to those Christian Communities born out of the Reformation of the sixteenth century?
  • Response: According to Catholic doctrine, these Communities do not enjoy apostolic succession in the sacrament of Orders, and are, therefore, deprived of a constitutive element of the Church. These ecclesial Communities which, specifically because of the absence of the sacramental priesthood, have not preserved the genuine and integral substance of the Eucharistic Mystery cannot, according to Catholic doctrine, be called "Churches" in the proper sense.”

Council refers to Vatican II.


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