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17 April 2007
For immediate release

Comment by Church Society on

the state of the Anglican Communion

In February the Primates of the Anglican Communion met in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to address the crumbling of the Communion following actions in North America to promote sexual immorality.  The Primates issued a Communiqué and set in place a process designed to come to fruition by 30 September.

We are grateful for the strong stand taken by some of the Primates both before and at their meeting.  We recognise in the Communiqué the fruit of their continuing faithfulness to Biblical teaching.

We are also grateful that the Communiqué reiterates that sexual intercourse belongs solely within (heterosexual) marriage, that it stated plainly that the Communion has been torn by revisionists in the US, Canada and elsewhere, and that they both recognised and offered support to those who have stood against the current errors and are suffering because of it.

However, it was clear that their approach contains many risks:

  • The revisionists are convinced that they alone are right and they will not change.  Subsequent statements, proposed resolutions and legal disputes show this to be so. (See note below.)
  • It is not clear that the Primates as a whole have the resolve to carry out what they have said. The desire for fellowship and the lure of funding may prove greater than faithfulness.
  • The Primates focussed again on blessings of same sex unions and the sexual practices of Bishops, but ignored the root of the problem, that people are teaching as acceptable practices condemned by God in His Word.

Our longing would be that the process set out in the Communiqué will lead to repentance and regeneration of the Communion.  Sadly, the evidence suggests otherwise and sooner or later action will need to be taken by those who remain faithful to Biblical teaching.





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