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7 July 2006
For immediate release

Opponents still say no to women bishops

As the General Synod once again debates the possible admission of women to be bishops, and after 13 years of women priests within the Church of England, there remains a substantial minority who are firmly opposed to the innovation.

Whilst anglo-Catholics remain the largest grouping of those opposed and despite a number who have left the church in the last decade the evangelical opposition has not diminished. Over three hundred evangelical clergy signed a petition sent to the Bishops last year and many of these are ministering in some of the largest parish churches in the country.

Evangelical opponents have always focussed on the issue of authority in the Church asserting that the Church of England is committed by law to the supreme authority of the Bible. They are strongly in favour of women’s ministry but maintain that, in accordance with Biblical teaching, the role of teaching and authority within the churches should be exercised by men.

This understanding is by no means new, it has been the view of almost all churches for the last two millennia and remains the predominant view within the churches worldwide today. They see no reason or evidence to think that maintaining this compromises their work or witness today.


The related file, which summarises the evangelical position, was circulated to all members of General Synod in advance of this weekend’s debates.



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