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5 July 2006
For immediate release

Church Society Supports Nigerian Bishops

The Council of Church Society meeting yesterday (Tuesday) noted with gratitude the recent statement from the House of Bishops of the Church of Nigeria.

The Bishops were responding to a recent reflection sent out by the Archbishop of Canterbury. They particularly called attention to the apparent underlying assumption made by the Archbishop that unity is more important than truth. It is clear from such statements as the historic creeds and the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion (part of the eformulariesf) that the Church of England and the Anglican Communion assume that there are boundaries to what is and is not authentic Christianity and to the legitimate interpretation of the Bible.

The theological divisions now affecting the Anglican Communion are a result of people and churches trying to distort plain biblical teaching. The Bishopsf analysis of this as a ecancerous lumpf which will kill the body is entirely correct.

It is our fervent hope that over the coming months orthodox leaders within the Anglican Communion will work to ensure that our world-wide fellowship of churches is not destroyed by false teaching, immorality, inaction and indifference.



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