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24 March 2006
For immediate release

Church Society Condemns the trial of Afghan Christian

The council of Church Society, the senior evangelical body in the Church of England, today utterly condemned the trial of Abdul Rahman, an Afghan Christian convert from Islam, who may face the death penalty simply for becoming a Christian.

Duncan Boyd, the chairman of the Finance Committee, said It is scandalous that under the provisions of the new Afghan constitution an Afghan citizen can face death simply because he has decided to become a Christian. Mr Rahman has been unjustly imprisoned, and if he is killed for his faith that would be nothing less than an act of judicial murder.'

The Society hopes and prays that justice and humanity will prevail. British military involvement in Afghanistan, and indeed the deaths of many British service men and woman, will have been in vain if the new Afghan government implements legal penalties that are only worthy of a religious tyranny. Church society calls on all Christians to express their outrage at this injustice and to do what they can to prevent Mr Rahman's death. The Society also calls on the British Government to use all its influence in Afghanistan, and indeed in other Muslim countries should have the same freedoms that Muslims demand so vocally in the United Kingdom.


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