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8 November 2004

11am for immediate release

Statement from the Council of Church Society regarding the Windsor Report.

We are bitterly disappointed with the recent report of the Lambeth Commission. Despite the effort that has gone into the report it does not effectively address the serious underlying issues nor does it provide proper pastoral care to ECUSA and Canada. However, given the terms of reference and the composition of the Commission this outcome is hardly surprising.

If the report's recommendations are followed it will allow immorality to fester. In time it will destroy the churches of the Anglican Communion and the spiritual lives of their members.

What is needed is clear action and discipline without creating international structures that will undermine the historic nature of Anglicanism. We hope that when the leaders of the Communion meet in February they will set aside the Windsor report and take decisive action.

There must be a clear rebuke to the provinces of the United States and Canada, together with a call to repentance. Christian repentance always involves putting right what is wrong. Until this is done the provinces concerned should be declared to be outside the Communion. They must not be involved in any of its central bodies.

Alongside this action, the Communion must seek to support and embrace those within North America reject the innovations.


Analysis of the Windsor Report

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