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09 November 2012

Women Bishops Measure - Church Society YouTube Appeal

Church Society has released a YouTube video appealing to Synod members to vote against the
Women Bishops Measure this November for the sake of church unity.

Click here for YouTube video.

Pete Myers, 29, ordinand and Church Society Council member, explains why: "Whether you agree or disagree with women bishops, it is important to answer the questions of how church unity will work before we change the church forever. I really hope we can turn around the tone of this debate. Bishops have long seen their role as protectors of church unity, and that is what Synod and church legislation are for."

Pete trained for Anglican ordination alongside Pam Davies, now a curate and ordained female
presbyter in Colchester, who comments : "I don't hold very strong views, but I am concerned
about how the church is going about this debate. It is ripping the heart out of God's church and we
are acting from a worldly perspective not a Christ-like perspective. I am so grateful to Pete for a
good balanced presentation of why we should vote no on women bishops."

Church Society Council





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