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11 October 2011

Marriage is an Exclusive Union of One Man and One Woman

Recent pronouncements have ignited debate about the nature and scope of marriage. In their endorsement of so-called "same-sex" (or "gay") marriage, such pronouncements implicitly assert marriage is open to redefinition according to shifting cultural, moral or social standards. They also implicitly deny the scope of marriage has been determined once and for all, by a wise and loving God, who, as Creator, knows what is best for his creatures.
What The Bible Says


What the Bible Says

The Bible makes it clear that marriage is a creation ordinance, instituted by God for the good of mankind. It is the exclusive union, before God and for life, of one man and one woman : "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife : and they shall be one flesh." (Genesis 2 : verse 24).

In particular, marriage is for the deepening of relationships and sexual intimacy, for the procreation and nurturing of children, and for the exercise of stewardship over the created order.

Divine in origin and definition, marriage is not susceptible to change at the discretion of mankind. Indeed, it is reinforced by divine command ("Honour your father and your mother"; "You shall not commit adultery" : Exodus 20 : verses 12 and 14).

Attempts to impose a new definition of marriage therefore violate God's law, unerringly revealed to us in the Bible. They also expose mankind to the withdrawal of God's blessing and to His just judgment.
Marriage and the Responsibility of Government


Marriage and the Responsibility of the Government

Marriage has been the bedrock of family life and of order in society throughout the history of this nation. It is the duty of all governments to uphold it, both in theory and in practice, in accordance with their primary obligation, as authorities appointed by God, to be ministers for good. Fulfilling that God given role entails the prudent conservation of all that is good. Consistent with this, the Protestant Constitution of this country requires Her Majesty's government to adhere to biblical standards and to support God given institiutions, such as marriage, and not to undermine or destroy them.

Christian marriage is a defining mark of civilisation. The adoption of it within our national laws has always been regarded as evidence of our civilisation, not as outmoded adherence to a primitive practice which now needs radical alteration.
Marriage and the Responsibility of the Church


Marriage and the Responsibility of the Church

It is incumbent upon all branches of the Christian church, and upon the Church of England in particular, to defend the Bible's clear and unequivocal teaching on marriage and to oppose attempts to redefine marriage in contravention of God's Word. Any departure, within our national laws, from the biblical definition of marriage would have immensely damaging consequences for individuals, for families, for society at large, and for our nation's cultural life.

We urge the Prime Minister and the government to think again.

Church Society Council






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