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Resolutions passed by the Reform Conference 13 October 2004
13 October 2004

1) This conference welcomes the briefing paper entitled The Ways Forward in the Present Crisis in the Church of England.
With one abstention

2) This conference encourages and supports those who take principled action in line with the 'Ways Forward' paper.

3) This Conference agrees to approach the Bishops of the Anglican
Communion, including especially the Primates of the Global South, who are able and willing to uphold orthodox Biblical teaching in order to:-
i) inform them of our position

ii) seek their counsel
iii) request them to provide adequate alternative episcopal oversight where a need has been established

4) This conference endorses the need and value of a 'Panel of Reference' and requests the Council to set it up.
With one vote against

5) This conference commits itself, in partnership with Crosslinks, to
assisting the Anglican Church in Kenya (ACK) to raise the funds for
Theological Education by Extension through Carlisle College, Nairobi, that ACK has forfeited by virtue of their principled stand in declining funds from ECUSA.
Carried nem con

6) In the light of the passing of Proposals 1-4 and consequent extra work the Conference asks the Council actively to consider appointing a National Director for Reform.
Carried nem con


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