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Windsor Report Initial report

From the Press Conference on the release of the report from the Lambeth Commission.

18 October 2004

The report of the Lambeth Commission chaired by Robin Eames was released at lunchtime today. (By David Phillips, present at the press conference)

The report is available to download from:

The report covers considerable ground but the key parts are in Section D:
This Section is full of typical liberal speak. Those who institutionalised immorality are lumped together with those who sought to care pastorally for those scandalised by it: 'All have acted in ways incompatible with the Communion principle of interdependence.' Para 122.

It calls for a moratorium on action, 'until some new consensus emerges in the Anglican Communion.' Para 134.

ECUSA is invited to give a theological justification for their action and the report refers to those provinces 'engaged in processes of discernment regarding the blessing of same sex union.' Para 145.

It speaks of 'an openly acknowledged same gender union' implying that if it is secret it is less of a problem. Para 129.

The report is very thin on real action. 'Very careful consideration' is to be given to inviting Bishop Gene Robinson to certain gatherings. ECUSA is asked to express regret but regret that the 'proper constraints of the bonds of affection were breached.' Para 134.

There is no call for repentance and it is not stated how any expression of regret will be assessed nor what will happen if ECUSA refuses to do this.
Until such an expression of regret is made ECUSA is asked to voluntarily remove itself from the central bodies of the Communion.

The report addresses the issue of alternative oversight for those who cannot accept the actions in ECUSA and Canada. It appears to condemn those who have taken action to provide such oversight and says that the initiative must come form the erring bishops.

Although there are some good statements in the report, overall it is
extremely disappointing and will do nothing to heal the divisions created by the liberals.

David Phillips, General Secretary, Church Society


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