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 Issues | General Synod | Report February 2011

General Synod

Mary Grace and Truth (ARCIC)

Mary Grace and Truth was a report of ARCIC II issued in 2005.

The February 2011 General Synod is being presented with a paper by the Faith and Order Advisory Group and will be asked to approve a motion relating to that paper rather than directly to the ARCIC report. This allows the Synod to be critical without rejecting the work of ARCIC outright.

The original ARCIC report follows most of the other such reports in failing to uphold Anglican Doctrine whilst attempting to find agreement which accords with Roman Catholic Doctrine.

See main Issues page on Mary Grace and Truth together with our letter to the Vatican and Press Release.

An analysis of Mary Grace and Truth was published by Church Society in Issue 97 of Cross†Way.

A second article in Cross†Way dealt with the related subject of the Invocation of Saints.

For a more detailed consideration see ARCIC on the Mother of Our Lord. Churchman article by Roger Beckwith.

A series of articles in Cross†Way on Mary were grouped together into a small booklet under the title "Learning from Mary".

Other relevant material

Did Mary Remain a Virgin? William J Bridcut - Churchman 111/1 (1997)



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