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 Issues | General Synod | February 2006

General Synod


This is a useful report in that it gives a fairly comprehensive statement of the work of the different central bodies of the Church of England. Alongside this is a list of business likely to be considered by the Synod in up to 2010. This is all summarized below.

Four main bodies are described, the General Synod, Archbishops’ Council, Church Commissioners and Pensions Board.

Under the Arhbishops’ Council are:
Ministry Division, Mission and Public Affairs, Education, Cathedrals and Church Buildings, Communications, Central Secretariat, Finance and Central Services, Legal Services, Human Resources and finally Libraries, Archives and Information Services

General Synod
Synod has 466 voting members plus upto 10 co-opted members and 13 special representatives.

Likely business:

  • Dioceses, Pastoral and Mission Measure – attempting to facilitate mission by loosening legislation.
  • Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Measure – (or Clergy Terms of Service) – including Freehold of Property etc.
  • Consecration of women to the episcopate.
  • Clergy Discipline (doctrine, ritual and ceremonial)
  • Review of marriage law in relation to where marriages may be solemnized.
  • Windsor Report proposals on a Anglican Communion covenant.
  • Accounting guidelines for PCCs.
  • Review of synodical election processes.
  • Anglican-Methodist relations.
  • Anglican/Baptist Conversations due for debate by the Synod in 2006.
  • ARCIC report on Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ.
  • Senior Church Appointments (Suffragan Bishops, Deans, Archdeacons & Residentiary Canons).
  • Report on Urban Life and Faith
  • Various education reports.
  • Hospital chaplaincy.
  • Financial strategy.


Archbishops' Council.

The report describes the composition and work of the Archbishops’ Council and gives details of the work and priorities of the national institutions.

The Ministry Division

  • increase in younger vocations
  • train ministers for evangelism & ordained pioneer ministries
  • clergy terms of service
  • improving theological education
  • review clergy remuneration

Mission and Public Affairs

  • Work with Diocese to implement Mission-Shaped Church.
  • Web based resources to engage with contemporary spritualiteis
  • Youth Evangelism Fund
  • Urban Life and Faith report
  • Strategy for rural communities
  • Minority Ethnic Anglican concerns.
  • Engage with government on social policy – assisted suicide, euthanasia, embryo research, mental health, health chaplaincy, asylum and immigration, religious liberty, justices, marriage and family life, war etc.
  • Environmental and poverty issues.
  • Encourage world mission.


  • Increasing CofE Secondary schools (by 200 possibly)
  • Improve quality of religious education and collective worship.
  • Strategy for Further Education.
  • Strategy for Higher Education.
  • Lay education & discipleship.

Cathedrals and Church Buildings

  • Increase public funding.
  • Implement Building Faith in our Future.
  • Implement Care of Cathedrals (Amendment) Measure.
  • Heritage protection system – with Government and English Heritage.
  • Monitor health and safety changes.
  • National Aerials Agreement


  • Presenting Church’s position on issues clearly.
  • Improve communications between central bodies.
  • Review training programme.
  • Introduce ‘advocates’ who can speak on issues.
  • Explore the use of new technology.
  • Lobby regarding public broadcasting on religion.
  • Work towards 2008 Lambeth Conference.
  • Central Secretariat
    Providing support for all the other bodies listed and all groups established for short-term work.
  • Statistical services.

Finance and Central Services

  • National stewardship advice.
  • Strategic overview of finances.
  • Mutual support among Dioceses.
  • Merge accounts departments of Archbishops’ Council, Commissioners and Pensions Board.
  • Provide internal audit service for Dioceses.
  • Develop Church House Publishing
  • Guidance for parishes and dioceses.

Legal Office

  • Providing legal advice on all legislative matters dealt with by the Synod, central bodies and registrars.
  • Monitor government legislation and make submissions.
  • Legal Advisor Commission.
  • Exploring the comprehensive repeal of obsolete enactments.

Human Resources

  • A service regarding over 1000 staff employed by the national institutions (500), commissioners and Pensions Board (400) and by Diocesan Bishops (170).
  • Advising on HR issues for all new reports and legislation.

Libraries, Archives and Information

  • Implement Documentary Heritage Review.
  • Lambeth Palace Library
  • Church of England Records Centre
  • Also overseas other libraries maintained by the national institutions.
  • Create a records management system.
  • Advisory and consultancy services to dioceses.


The Church Commissioners

Manage assets of over 4.5 billion to support the Church of England’s ministry, particularly in areas of need and opportunity.
The Commisioners also adminster the legal framework for pastoral reorganisation and for making churches redundant.

The Pensions Board

Their aim is ‘to efficiently administer the pensions, housing, retirement home schemes and charitable funds entrusted to its care to provide the best possible support and care to those who have retired from clerical and lay ministry within the Church of England and their dependants’.



The Report does not mention the Central Board of Finance which owns CCLA the body that adminsters funds on behalf of parishes, dioceses, charities, local authorities and national church bodies.


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