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Church Society is regularly asked for advice and information on issues by its members.  Whilst we cannot always help and time can be a factor we provide what help we can.  Below are a selection of questions which may be of interest to others.

(Those without links have yet to be added.)

Is my parish required to pay the parish share?

Our Vicar has told my husband that he will not be allowed to 'give' our daughter away in the well known and traditional way due to this not being in the Liturgy of the Anglican church these days. Is he correct?

Does the Church accept that guardian angels exist and are those angels seen as good or bad for the individual?

Who is able to change the services used in a Church?

How I can annul someone's status as a godparent of my child?

Please could you send me a hierarchical structure for the Church of England. ie from vicar upwards to the Bishop

How many General Councils are recognised by the Church of England?

Why does this website call Christian ministers Priests? The Bible teaches the priesthood of all believers.

Does Church Society embrace Jesus' pacifism in its literalist intepretation of Scripture?

What can an incumbent do with his parsonage?

What's the difference between a Vicar and a Rector?

What's a benefice, patron etc?

Is there a law that says there must be a Bible in every Church?

What did Joseph Ratzinger (aka Bishop Benedict XVI of Rome) say about the Church of England?

Does an Archdeacon have a right to attend a PCC meeting and speak at it?

If I think God is calling me to ordained ministry what should I do?

What's the difference between Church Society and Reform?

What is the view of the Church Society on this dumbed down modern liturgy? How would you advise your member churches on liturgical matters?

Who can remove a Churchwarden from office?

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