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Submissions and other representations from Church Society and Church Society Trust.

2009 November

Letter from Church Society Council to the GAFCON Theological Resource Group in response to "Being Faithful" the commentary on the Jerusalem Declaration.

2009 March
Submission to the Revision Committee regarding legistlation to consecrate women as bishops.

2007 December
Submission to the Arcchbishops Council regarding Crown Appointments.

2007 September
Submission to Government proposals for a single Equality Bill for Great Bitain

2007 June
Submission to the Charity Commission in response to the Consultation on Draft public benefit guidance.

2007 April
Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Measure, Submission to the Revision Committee, from Church Society Trust

2007 March
Joint Submission on Women Bishops from Church Society, Reform and the Fellowship of Word and Spirit.

2006 March
Joint Submission on Women Bishops from Church Society, Reform and the Fellowship of Word and Spirit.

Text of a submission made by Church Society to the Bishop of Guildford's group regarding provision for those opposed to women bishops.

Response to the First Report of The Archbishops' Council

1999 May - Submission to the body considering
the Method of Appointment of Diocesan Bishops

Lord Chancellor's Patronage

Gender Recognition Bill - letter to the Prime Minister and others.

(See also the page on this issue.)

Supporting Families - Government Green Paper


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