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6. Provision for Opponents

If the legislation goes ahead should any provision be made for opponents and if so in what form?

Provision may be a requirement before Parliament will pass the legislation since this was a condition of the decision to ordain women in 1992.

Submission to Revision Commitee March 2009 (Church Society Council)

Submission to Revision Commitee March 2009 (Church Society Council)

Draft legislation set before General Synod in February 2009

Manchester Group Report and motion debated by General Synod in July 2008

Joint Submission to the Legislative Drafting Group (provisional) from the Councils of Church Society, Reform and the Fellowship of Word and Spirit - April 2007

Text of a submission made by Church Society to the Bishop of Guildford's group which was set up to look at the shape of legislation and in particular what provision should be made to opponents of women bishops.

Joint Submission from Church Society, Reform and Fellowship of Word and Spirit.  April 2006

The Rochester Commission sets out the following possible courses of action:

  • No provision (often called a 'single line measure')
  • Code of Practice agreed by the House of Bishops
  • Extended Episcopal Ministry (provision of a male Bishop in each Diocese - but parishes would have to petition the Diocesan Bishop.)
  • Extended Provincial Episcopal Ministry (as above but with the petition going to the archbishop)
  • A Third or Free Province

To these can be added the option of new Dioceses, fully part of the existing provinces which consist of all the parishes within the existing Dioceses who opt into them.

The final two options for opponents are:

Principled irregularity - seeking the oversight of orthodox male Bishops and all that goes with that from different sources.


Guildford Report (February 2005) on the shape of legislation and provision for opponents.


Church Society articles

Women Bishops - The July 2010 Debates at Synod. Cross†Way article by David Phillips

A Way Forward after the Consecration of Women Bishops. A paper submitted to the Bishop of Guildford for consideration by his commission. Churchman article by Gerald Bray (2005).

Two articles from Cross†Way 96 Spring 2005:

Rochester - Providing for opponents David Phillips
Rochester - A new Province? David Phillips

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