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Consecrating Women as Bishops in the Church of England


1. The nature and role of episcopacy (Bishops)

It is argued that Bishops as they exist in the Church of England today are simply Presbyters (priests) who are set aside  (consecrated) for a wider areas of ministry.

2. Should women be Bishops?

Since it is argued that Bishops are Presbyters with a wider area of ministry the theological question is essentially should women be presbyters (priests)?

3. Issues arising from the nature of episcopacy.

Because Bishops have wider areas of ministry the consecration of women Bishops raises particular practical issues.

4. The Rochester Commission

The Commission was set up to look into the issues and make recommendations.

  • A summary and analysis of the Commission's report

Three submissions printed in Churchman 116/1 (2002)

  • Submission to the Commission by Professor Gerald Bray
  • Submission to the Commission by Revd Mike Ovey
  • Submission to the Commission by Revd David Banting on behalf of the Reform Council
  • Ecumenical Responses to the Rochester Report

5. Synodical process

What motions have been passed by General Synod on this issue.

6. Provision for Opponents

If the legislation goes ahead should any provision be made for opponents and if so in what form?

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Other material

Including articles from Churchman and Cross†Way

Together4ward Progress Report. Cross†Way article (2013) by Lee Gatiss.

Church Society launches new Campaign on Women Bishops: Together4ward

Women Bishops Measure - Church Society YouTube Appeal (November 2012)

Women Bishops - Letter from Church Society Council to Members of Synod (October 2012).

Women Bishops - Cross†Way article (Spring 2012) by George Curry (also published in CEN).

Women Bishops - the next stage. Cross†Way article (Autumn 2010) by David Phillips

Women Bishops - The July 2010 Debates at Synod. Cross†Way article by David Phillips

Women Bishops and a Religious Society. Cross†Way article (Autumn 2010) by David Phillips

Draft Legislation set before General Synod February 2009

Joint Submissions with Reform and FWS

Petition to the Guildford Group on provision for opponents Oct 2005

Open Letter to the House of Bishops prior to July 2005 Synod debate

Briefing Sent to Synod members 2006-07

Cross†Way articles (Spring 2005) on the Rochester Report:

Press Releases

Other articles


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