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Within the framework of the doctrine of the Church of England Bishops are Presbyters (Priests) who have a wider ministry.

Sadly this framework has often been corrupted either by people seeing Bishops as a completely different order to Priests or by the accumulation of too much authority and power in the hands of the Bishops. The nature of the Church of England as an established Church has acted to some extent as a safeguard against abuses of power, however, as the bonds to the state have slipped many have become concerned that Bishops both have too much power and consequently waste too much time on aspects of their roles which could be done by others.


Church Society articles on Bishops

The Appointment of Bishops. David Phillips comments on recent proposals to change the appointment process of bishops.

Cross†Way article, Summer 2007.

Cranmer's Attitude to the Episcopate: Bishops, Priests and Deacons.

Churchman article by Maurice Elliott (1995)

The Anglican Pattern of Episcopacy. Churchman article by Rt Rev. J. W. Hunkin (1948)

The Sacred Regiment of Bishops - Towards an Anglican Understanding. Churchman article by F. J. Taylor (1948)

Richard Field, DD, 1561-1616 Of the Church - (Five Books, 1606/10) - on Ministerial Orders and Bishops. Churchman article by Vernon Wilkins, issue 3, 2000.

Irenaeus on the Authority of Scripture, the 'Rule of Truth' and Episcopacy - Part 1. Churchman article by James Paice

Irenaeus on the Authority of Scripture, the 'Rule of Truth' and Episcopacy

- Part 2. Churchman article by James Paice

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