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Why Liturgy?
There is an increasing trend in the Church of England, particularly amongst evangelicals, to abandon the formal and official liturgies of the Church. Of course, where formal liturgy is not used an informal liturgy, that is a standard pattern and regular words, does usually develop.

The normative liturgy of the Church of England is set out in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Although the Church has managed to sideline this book because the General Synod does not have the authority to amend or reject the book (under the 1974 Worship and Doctrine Measure) it has not suffered from the revisions of anglo-Catholics or liberals.

Church Society stands by the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer as adequately giving expression to the reformed doctrines of the Church of England. The Society also supports liturgy which is faithful to the 1662 BCP whilst updating the language used. In particular in the mid 1990s the Society produced An English Prayer Book both as a resource for Clergy and Parishes and as a contribution to the debates on liturgical revision, demonstrating what a reformed liturgy in modern English might look like.


See also the following pages on Liturgy:

  • Vestments - Does it matter what clergy wear?


Common Worship
Issues to do with Common Worship, the modern language services of the Church of England:

Other articles on Common Worship

  • The Ordinal - comment on the draft ordinal presented for General Approval at the General Synod February 2004. Also see Cross†Way article on this issue.
  • Epiclesis - Does the Holy Spirit come down?


Other Issues

1928 Prayer Book

The 1928 Prayer Book. Cross†Way article by David Phillips outlining why the National Church League (which later became Church Society) led the charge against the English 1928 Prayer Book, and how the US 1928 Prayer Book compares.

An Anglican Prayer Book (2008). Robin G. Jordan crititques and outlines the history of this new prayer book prepared for the AMiA which was built on the U.S. 1928 Prayer Book.


Failed 1928 Prayer Book lingers on.


Scarf or Stole : Does it Matter?

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