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Keep Marriage Special Campaign 2012

Church Society, in cooperation with other Christian bodies, has recently launched ‘Keep Marriage Special’, which is an expressly Christian pro-marriage campaign, seeking to uphold the biblical basis of marriage as the exclusive union, for life, of one man and one woman. If you have not done so already, we would encourage you to support the campaign by signing the online petition at www.keepmarriagespecial.org.uk, where you can also download paper copies of it and explore other ways to help Keep Marriage Special. We should also be grateful if you would publicise the campaign in your local church and elsewhere, encouraging people to sign the petition.

The online petition is as follows:

‘This petition calls upon HM Government to support and protect the uniqueness of marriage, for the good of all in society. It affirms the biblical teaching that marriage can only be between one man and one woman. Marriage cannot be redefined because it is not a human invention, but an institution ordained by God for the good of mankind. The Christian understanding of marriage is at the heart of family life, is good for children and is a vital part of our country’s heritage. We support all efforts to defend it. We therefore call upon HM Government not to legislate to permit same-sex marriage.’

Your help in making the Keep Marriage Special campaign known as widely as possible would be very greatly appreciated. A suggested news item for church bulletins, etc would be the following:

‘Keep Marriage Special is a new, expressly Christian pro-marriage campaign seeking to defend biblical marriage. To sign the online petition and explore other ways you can help to Keep Marriage Special please visit www.keepmarriagespecial.org.uk’

At this critical time in our national life, let's all do everything we can to Keep Marriage Special. If you wish to provide assistance with the campaign, please inform the Church Society office:
email: admin@churchsociety.org or tel: 01923 235111.

For further information please see the Keep Marriage Special website.

Click here for Report of the Keep Marriage Special stand at the 2012 Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.





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