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The Anglican-Catholic International Commission

Since its inception ARCIC has followed a predictable pattern. The Commission works on an agreed statement during the course of which the Anglicans largely betray their heritage. Although there appear to be concessions on behalf of the Roman Catholics the reports are sent to the Vatican where, after several years, the full-blown Roman position is re-asserted.

Within the Church of England ARCIC reports are rarely brought to the General Synod for fear that they will be rejected. Thus, although they are never adopted by the Anglican Communion or the Church of England these reports come to be seen as representing the official Anglican position.

ARCIC has been replaced by IARCCUM

ARCIC has done its work in two parts.


ARCIC I was established in 1970 .  It had been commissioned in by Archbishop Michael Ramsey and Pope Paul VI with the 1968 Lambeth Conference and the Vatican Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity.

ARCIC I produced four reports and all these were bundled together in the Final Report.  Three of the statements had received an elucidation.

  • Eucharistic Doctrine (Windsor 1971)
  • Eucharistic Doctrine : Elucidation (Salisbury 1979)
  • Ministry and Ordination (Canterbury 1973)
  • Ministry and Ordination : Elucidation (Salisbury 1979)
  • Authority in the Church I (Venice 1976)
  • Authority in the Church I : Elucidation (Windsor 1981)
  • Authority in the Church II (Windsor 1981)
  • Final Report (1982)

See also Clarifications



ARCIC II was set up in 1982 on the mandate of Pope John Paul II and Archbishop Robert Runcie.  So far there have been four statements and one to come.


Links to material on the ARCIC reports

Seattle Statement, "Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ"


The Gift of Authority


Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ (2005)

Other Material


After the Final Report of ARCIC I came a report entitled Clarifications.  This was an attempt by ARCIC to explain their language in such a way as to make it compatible with Roman dogma.


Eucharist Sacrament of Unity

  • 'When the chickens come home to roost!' - Article from Cross†Way 2001 on the House of Bishop's report E.S.U. which was itself a response to the English Roman Catholic teaching document 'One Body one Bread'.


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