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The Tractarians. Brief history of the movement and the response from evangelicals. Cross†Way article by David Phillips, issue Summer 2010.

175 Years. Cross†Way article outlining the history of Church Society's forebears who were established to oppose ritualism in the Church of England.

Newman's Doctrine - Development or Deviation? Churchman article (1992) by David Streater.

A Critical Review of John Henry Newman's Doctrine of Justification. Churchman article (1980) by Peter Toon.

The Beatification of Newman. Churchman article (2010) by David Phipps.

Newman and the Authority of the Church. Cross†Way article by David Phipps, issue Summer 2010.

What I really admire about Newman. Cross†Way article by David Phipps, issue Winter 2011.

Do we need a new Oxford Movement? Cross†Way article by David Phillips, issue Autumn 2008.

What we do matters. David Phillips discusses the influence of Anglo Catholic practices on the CofE and Gafcon. Cross†Way article, Autumn 2008.

The Oxford Movement. Cross†Way article by David Phillips, issue Autumn 2008.

'The Eclipse of the Gospel.' Report of the Church Society Conference 2011 examining the impact of Anglo-Catholicsim on the Church of England.

The Church of England: 'Catholic' or Reformed? Report of the Church Society Conference 2009.

The Triumph of Anglo-Catholicism Challenged. Churchman article by
Stanley Holbrooke-Jones. A history and critique of Anglo-Catholicism.

The 1928 Prayer Book. Cross†Way article by David Phillips explaining why the National Church League (Church Society forebear) led the charge against the English 1928 Prayer Book, and how the US 1928 Prayer Book compares.

The Tractarian Critique of the Evangelical Church Invisible: John Henry Newman's Tracts 2,11, 20 and 47 in Historical Context. Churchman article (2007) by Kenneth J. Stewart.

Scarf or Stole - What Does it Matter? Leaflet by David Wheaton

The Minister's Scarf, or the "Sacrificer's" Stole - which? Church Association Tract 267.

Incense in Ante-Nicene Christianity. Churchman article by David Brattston explaining how incense was not used or opposed for use in the worship of the early church.

The Evangelicalism of Bishop Anthony Wilson Thorold (1825-1895). Churchman article by Jill Durey.

lIlustrations of Compromise in Church History. Churchman article (1988) by Derek Scales (includes the 1912 Evangelical bishops debate about sacerdotal vesture)


From the 19th Century:

Episcopal Condemnations of Ritualism. 1851 Church of England Bishops Address to their clergy warning of the spread of ritualism. Church Association Tract 15.

Confession and Forgiveness of Sins. Church Association Tract from C19th explaining from Scripture and Cof E teaching what true confession and forgiveness of sin is and how this differs from Auricular Confession (i.e. confession to a priest).

Voices of the Church of England on Auricular Confession. Church Association Tract 27.

The Real Presence. C19th Church Association Tract 25 by W. F. Taylor, explaining how the doctrine of the Real Presence is contrary to Church of England teaching.

The Lord's Supper in Ritualist Teaching - "The Real Presence." By W. H. Griffith Thomas

“In the matter of moving the Lord’s Table.” Case & opinion of Counsel. Church Association Tract 195.

The Errors of Ritualism have their Source in the Unregenerate Human Heart. Church Association Tract from 1875 by C. J. Goodhart.

The roots of Roman-catholic error - Jerome's mistranslation of the Bible (including is impact on Anglo-catholic belief and liturgy) - by Dennis Peterson

The Teaching of the Ritualists by J. C. Ryle  (Church Association Tract No 4)

The Nature of Christian Worship. Why ritualism is not true worship. By Charles Dent Bell.  Church Association Tract 50 (1876)

Reasons for Opposing Ritualism by J. C. Ryle (Church Association Tract No. 55)

What do we owe to the Reformation? by J. C. Ryle (Church Association Tract No. 56)

What do the Times Require? Church Association Tract by J. C. Ryle on the unscriptural and soul-ruining character of Romanism.

The Ornaments Rubric. Church Association Tract 148.

Distinctive Vestments. Church Association Tract 33 by J. C. Ryle

Twelve Reasons Against The Distinctive Vestments. Church Association Tract 137 by J. C. Ryle

What practical course of action should now be taken to give effect to the various Judgments on disputed points of ceremony in the church? Church Association Tract 61 by J. C. Ryle.

Evangelical Protestantism: The Only Sure Means of Resisting the Advances of Superstition and Infidelity. Church Association Tract from 1882.

The Counter-Reformation and How to Meet It. A. Baring-Gould (Church Association Tract No. 26)

The Eastward Position. J. C. Ryle (Church Association Tract No. 30)

The Eastward Position. J. C. Ryle (Church Association Tract No. 136)

The North Side of the Table. By J. T. Tomlinson (Church Association Tract 88)

Church Architecture: Its Proper Relation to Simple Christian Worship. (Church Association Tract 71)

Altar Lights: Their History and Meaning. J. T. Tomlinson (Church Association Tract No. 91)

Candles, Crosses, Altars, Pictures: What do the Homilies say? Church Association Tract No. 224.

Apostolical Succession. Church Association Tract No. 321.


Controvery over vestments


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