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Thoughts on Public Worship. J. C. Ryle CBRP Booklet

Articles relevant to this issue

The Priority of Preaching. John Cheeseman explains why the preaching of the bible is still important today. (Churchman article)

Priorites in the Parish. Ken Moulder explains that the priorities of a minister should be the preaching of the word and evangelism. (Cross†Way article)

'A' is for Alpha, 'B' is for Berean. Churchman article (1998) by William Scholes critiquing the Alpha Course.

Anglican Evangelical Junior Clergy Conference 2011 - Report. Cross†Way article by John Richardson.

Reforming the Diocese from Within. John Richardson report on the Chelmsford Anglican Bible Conference. Cross†Way article (2012).

Why I Chose the Inner City.  John Pearce explains why he chose to become an incumbent of an inner city parish. (Cross†Way article from 1990).

The Priority of Preaching. Churchman article by James Atkinson

Calvin's Preaching and Homiletic: Nine Engagements - Part 1. Churchman article (2010) by Peter Adam.

Calvin's Preaching and Homiletic: Nine Engagements - Part 2. Churchman article (2010) by Peter Adam.

Richard Baxter and the Life of the Minister. Cross†Way article (1988) by Graham Williams.

"I am not ashamed of the Gospel." Cross†Way article by David Phillips outlining the Apostle Paul's gospel message.

The Bible and the Pulpit. Churchman article by Alan Stibbs.

Paralyzed Speakers & Hearers - The need for expository & relevant preaching today. Cross†Way article by John Stott.

The Bible and the Church. Churchman article by Wallace Benn.

Where the Spirit of God is, there is Power': An Introduction to Spurgeon's Teaching on the Holy Spirit. Churchman article by Michael Haykin.

Paul - An Evangelistic Model. Cross†Way article from 1995.

Christian Worship. Churchman article by Leon Morris.

Neither 'Worship' nor 'Biblical': A Response to Alistair Campbell. Churchman article (1997) by John Richardson.

Once More: Is Worship 'Biblical'? Churchman article (1996) by Alistair Campbell.

Is Worship Biblical? Churchman article (1995) by John Richardson.

How far did the early Christians Worship God? Churchman article (1985) by Howard Marshall.

Leading Worship. Cross†Way article by Arthur Rowe.  

Leading Worship (part 2). Cross†Way article by Arthur Rowe.

The Nature of Worship. Churchman article from 1957 by D. Broughton Knox.

The Embers of Preaching and the Flames of Piety - Great Evangelical advances that have weakened preaching. Churchman article by Peter Sanlon.

Depth and Weight: Augustine's Sermon Illustration. Churchman article by Peter Sanlon (2008).

Spiritual Equipment for Spiritual Work. Church Association Tract by Thomas Smith from 1894 about the vital importance of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian minister.

Biblical Training David Peterson explains Oak Hill's biblical basis of training for ministry. (Cross†Way article)

Expository Preaching: Charles Simeon and Ourselves. Churchman article from 1960 by J. I. Packer

Preaching from the Song of Songs? Allegory Revisited. Churchman article (1994) by John Richardson.

William Perkins: 'Apostle of Practical Divinity.' Churchman article by Jonathan Long.

Extracts from Charles P. McIlvaine (1799-1873) Bishop of Ohio, on the Apostles Teaching and Preaching of Jesus Christ. Churchman article from 1881 by William Carus.

Simeon, Thornton, and Newton - Letters. Correspondence between these three evangelicals at the start of Simeon's ministry in Cambridge. Churchman article by William Carus issue 1/5, 1880.

The Parochial Ministry of the Leaders of the Eighteenth Century Evangelical Revival. Churchman article (2009) by David Wheaton.

Evangelicals Under Attack. Cross†Way article (Summer 2007) by David Phillips discussing some of the pressures evangelicals face in theological education and academia.

Discrimination against Oak Hill. Cross†Way article (Summer 2007) by David Phillips.

Bullying - A Biblical Perspective. Cross†Way article (Winter 2013) Pete Myers.

Ministerial Development Review. Cross†Way article (Spring 2010) by Hans Taling.

Evangelism - Neglected Perspective. Cross†Way article by Wallace Benn.

The Watchman (Ezekiel). David Phillips expounds and applies Ezekiel chapters 3 and 33. (Cross†Way article)

Give me oil on my hands, make me Roman... Cross†Way article by David Wheaton (Autumn 2007) explaining how Roman Catholic symbolism has gradually permeated Church of England ordination services.

What should we do when someone dies? Cross†Way article by David Phillips

Cranmer's Attitude to the Episcopate: Bishops, Priests and Deacons.

Churchman article by Maurice Elliott (1995)

The Anglican Pattern of Episcopacy. Churchman article by Rt Rev. J. W. Hunkin (1948)

The Sacred Regiment of Bishops - Towards an Anglican Understanding. Churchman article by F. J. Taylor (1948)

The Teaching of the English Reformers on Ministry and Worship. Churchman article (1992) by Edgar Dowse

Apostolical Succession. Church Association Tract 321.




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