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Properly speaking the word Theology refers to the Doctrine of God.  However, in general use theology tends to be used much more widely.

The Doctrine of God specifically refers to the nature and works of God.  As such it embraces the doctrine of the Trinity,  the doctrine of the Son (christology), the doctrine of the Holy Spirit (pneumatology) and the doctrine of salvation (soteriology).



The Sovereignty of God - Neglected Perspective. Cross†Way article by Wallace Benn.

Providence. Cross†Way article (2010) by David Phillips.

Not...apart from your Father. Cross†Way article (2010) by David Phillips.

The Pauline Names for God. Churchman article by Paul Ballard.

Is God good? A Study on the Person and Work of Yahweh in the Book of Job. Churchman article (2009) by Steven Nation.

John Calvin's Concept of Divine Accomodation. Churchman article by Michael Tinker examining Calvin's teaching about how God relates to mankind.

God's Foreknowledge and Prophecy: A Case Study in Logical Indeterminism and Compatibilism. Churchman article by Christopher Tinker

God's Foreknowledge and Prophecy - Part 2. Churchman article by Christopher Tinker

The Doctrines of Clark Pinnock: an Outline and Hermeneutical Assessment (Churchman Article). Carl Chambers examines Clark Pinnock's doctrines on God.

Calvin the Theologian. Churchman article by J. I. Packer.

Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion. Churchman article by Gervase Duffield.



Churchman Article by Roger Beckwith:

The Calvinist Doctrine of the Trinity: An examination of the merits and doubts of Calvin's teaching on the Trinity.

Churchman Article by Paul Helm:

Of God, and of the Holy Trinity: A Response to Dr. Beckwith


Doctrine of the Son

The Light of Glory - An Exposition of the Prologue of John's Gospel

Churchman Article by William Philip

Revelation and Truth in Johannine Theology

Churchman Article by David Hawkin

The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ: Some Evangelical Reflections. Churchman article by J.I. Packer, 1978.


See also the early part of the 39 Articles for the specific Anglican statements on the Doctrine of God.


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