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 Issues | Doctrine of Christ | Introduction

The doctrine of Christ, known as christology can be divided into two parts - the person of Christ and the work of Christ.

The Person of Christ

Christians assert that Jesus of Nazareth was both God and man.

the Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1.14) taking the form of a servant, and coming in the likeness of men (Philippians 2.7).

The Work of Christ

Christ fulfilled the Old Testament which always anticipated Him.  He is Prophet, Priest and King.

In the fulness of time God sent His Son to redeem His people so that they might be adopted as children of God.  (see Galatians 4. 4-5)

See Also

The Person of Christ. By Leon Morris, CBRP booklet (1960).

The Resurrection. By G. W. Bromiley, CBRP booklet.

The Thirty Nine Articles

Article 2 : The Word, or Son of God, who became truly man

Article  3 : The descent of Christ into the realm of the dead

Article  4 : The resurrection of Christ

Article 15 : Christ Alone is Without Sin


Articles relevant to this issue

What in Heaven is Jesus Doing? Churchman article by David Wheaton.

The Priesthood of Christ. Church Association Tract by J.C. Ryle.

The Atonement in St. Mark's Gospel. Churchman article from 1944 by
J. P. Hickinbotham.

Our Heavenly Intercessor. Churchman article by Edwin Hirst, 1957.

Christ our Righteousness - What did Christ accomplish on the Cross? Cross†Way article by David Streater.

The Inquiring Parishioner; or, Justification by Faith. Church Association Tract by Revd. B. W. Stannus.

The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ: Some Evangelical Reflections. Churchman article by J.I. Packer, 1978.

The Centrality of the Cross. Cross†Way article - David Samuel looks at the nature of the Great Commission.

The Crossless Christ. Cross†Way article by Jonathan Frais.

The Kingdom of God - Neglected Perspective. Cross†Way article by Wallace Benn

Thy Will Be Done - A Scriptural meditation on Christ's Obedience. Cross†Way article by David Streater.

Gospel Freedom & Priestly Tyranny. C19th Church Association Tract outlining from the bible and official CofE teaching the nature of Christ's sacrificial death and how this contrasts to the errors of ritualism.

The Relations between Christ's Sacrifice and Priesthood and those of the Church. Churchman article (1989) by Roger Beckwith.

'Grace Abounding' - Imputed Righteousness in the Life and Work of John Bunyan. Churchman article by Robert Oliver.

The Third of the Good Friday Collects - A Devotional Study.
Cross†Way article by Gary Townsend.

The Mystery of Godliness. Church Association Tract 430.

Extracts from Charles P. McIlvaine (1799-1873) Bishop of Ohio, on the Apostles Teaching and Preaching of Jesus Christ. Churchman article from 1881 by William Carus.

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