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The Second Prayer Book of Edward VI

The 1552 Prayer Book was authorised during the reign of Edward VI. It was the most reformed prayer book of the Church of England and with some modification was largely carried over into the 1662 book which remains the official standard of the Church today.

Further details of the 1552 book and links to article


PDF of the 1552 Communion Service

The petition in the Litany regarding the Pope


Chapter 4 of A Short History of the Prayer Book by Rev T W Gilbert

Cranmer and the Lord's Supper. Cross†Way article describing how Cranmer sought to base the 1552 Communion Service on clear biblical principles.

1552 And All That (or how twentieth century revisions have eroded the insights of the Reformers in the Communion Services of the Church of England) Churchman article by David Wheaton

'For the More Explanation' and 'For the More Perfection': Cranmer's Second Prayer Book. Churchman article by Roger Beckwith describing the improvements of the 1552 Prayer Book compared to the 1549 Prayer Book.

Cranmer-Psychologist as well as Theologian.
The services of 1552, which were principally the work of Thomas Cranmer, show not only sound theology but also shrewd psychology. Cross†Way article by David Wheaton.

Small Steps - Big Leaps.
There were many apparently small changes between the first and second prayer books of the reign of Edward VI (1549 and 1552) which actually represent major steps in the reformation of the Church of England. Cross†Way article by David Phillips.

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