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Anglican Theology - other pages

General Councils

The Anglican Understanding of Church. Churchman article by Donald Allister.

We are Anglicans. Cross†Way article (2010) by David Phillips outlining what it means to be Anglican.

Hooker's Theological Method and Modern Anglicanism. Churchman article by Nigel Atkinson.

Richard Hooker - Reformed Theologian of the English Church. Cross†Way article by Nigel Atkinson.

Richard Hooker - Evangelical Theologian of the English Church.
Cross†Way article by Nigel Atkinson.

Jewell's Apology for the Church of England. Cross†Way article (2012) by David Phipps.

Bishop John Jewell - On the English Reformation (extracted from The Apology of the Church of England).

The Anglican Pattern of Episcopacy. Churchman article by Rt Rev. J. W. Hunkin (1948)

The Sacred Regiment of Bishops - Towards an Anglican Understanding. Churchman article by F. J. Taylor (1948)

Cranmer's Attitude to the Episcopate: Bishops, Priests and Deacons.

Churchman article by Maurice Elliott (1995)

Richard Field, DD, 1561-1616 Of the Church - (Five Books, 1606/10) - on Ministerial Orders and Bishops. Churchman article by Vernon Wilkins, issue 3, 2000.

Cranmer's Attitude to the Monarchy: Royal Absolutism and the Godly Prince. Churchman article by Maurice Elliott (1995)

The Godly Prince and the National Church. Churchman article (1990) by David Dethridge.

The Biblical Doctrine of the State. Churchman article (1951) by Philip E Hughes.

J. C. Ryle and Comprehensiveness. Churchman article by Peter Toon explaining how Ryle could minister in the Church of England which contained ministers and layman of different views.

What is Anglicanism? - article by George Curry in the Church of England Newspaper, January 2007.

The Word and Discipline in the Church. Churchman article (1989) by Hugh Craig.

Anglican Orthodoxy. James Crabtree & David Phillips comment on GAFCON & FCA. Cross†Way article (2010).

Churchman Editorial on AMiE. By Gerald Bray, issue Autumn 2011.

'To Our Own People Only': Re-owning Original Anglicanism. Churchman article (1998) by John Richardson.

The Church of England: 'Catholic' or Reformed? Report of the Church Society Conference 2009.

The Protestant Succession to the Throne and its Importance to the
Church of England Today.
Churchman article by David Samuel.

Plain words on the Protestant Declaration made by the King of England. Church Association Tract 297

New Lease of Life - A preface by J. I. Packer to The Principles of Theology by W. H. Griffith Thomas. Churchman article (1978).

Preface to James Ussher's A Body of Divinity. By Duncan Boyd.

The Anglican Doctrine of Justification. Churchman article from 1950 by G. W. Bromiley.

'Justification Now - The Reformation Doctrine & True Anglicanism.' Church Society Conference (2012) Report.  By David Meager.

The Doctrine of the Sacraments in the Thirty-Nine Articles. Churchman article (1991) by Roger Beckwith.

The Teaching of the English Reformers on Ministry and Worship. Churchman article (1992) by Edgar Dowse.

The Reformers' Doctrine of the Holy Communion. Churchman article by C. Sydney Carter.

The Reformed Treasures of the Parker Society. Churchman article (2008) by Andrew Cinnamond.

Thomas Cranmer's 'True and Catholick Doctrine of the Sacrament.' Churchman article (1990) by D A Scales

What is Evangelical Churchmanship?  Churchman article from 1937 by C. Sydney Carter.

Thoughts on Public Worship. By J. C. Ryle CBRP Booklet.

Why I am a Churchman. By W. Odom. CBR Booklet.

The Privilege of Being a Member of the Church of England. Cross†Way article (1988).


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