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Donald Allister in his 'Faith for Today' series in Cross†Way gives a description of the Thirty-nine Articles and their relevence for  the Church today. See below for links to the relevent Cross†Way Articles.


1) Cross†Way no. 64: Articles 1-5 -The character of God

Introduction to the Thirty-nine Articles and an outline of Articles 1-5: Includes the Holy Trinity and the distinctive characteristics of the Godhead.

2) Cross†Way no. 65: Articles 6-8 - Scripture & Truth

The sufficiency and authority of Scripture and the importance of Creeds and Doctrinal Statements.

3) Cross†Way no. 66: Articles 9, 10, 11 and 18 - Sin and Salvation

Description of Actual Sin, Original Sin and the Power of Sin and how God deals with sin and brings salvation.

4) Cross†Way no. 68: Articles 12 - 16 - The Christian Life

Christ's humanity, sinlessness and propitiation for sins resulting in our good works contributing nothing to our salvation but salvation will result in good deeds.

5) Cross†Way no. 70: Article 17 - Predestination and Election

God's predestinating and electing love, his choice to save us, is the only possible basis for salvation.

6) Cross†Way no. 71: Articles 28-31- Holy Communion

A brief correction of the extreme Protestant misunderstanding, but most of these Articles deal with the dreadful heresies current in the Roman church in the 16th Century (and sadly still today). These Articles also deal with the real meaning of the Lord's Supper and the spiritual blessings to be received from it.

7) Cross†Way no. 72: Articles 19-22 - What is the Church?

The Church is not a building but a group of believing Christians. These articles also describe the role of denomination and the Church's authority and its relationship with the bible.

8) Cross†Way no. 73: Articles 33-36 - Organising the Church

Christ's Church needs to be organised. Freedom and order, love and submission are to exist side by side. Therefore discipline, forms of worship and teaching are all vital for effective church organisation.

9) Cross†Way no. 76: Articles 37-39 - Living in the World

Government is from God for the good of mankind and is therefore to be submitted to by Christians and the Church.

10) Cross†Way no. 78: Articles 25, 27 - Baptism

Baptism although does not bring salvation (as the Roman Church teaches) but neither is it deviod of any spiritual benefit to those who receive it rightly. These Articles outline the true meaning of baptism.

11) Cross†Way no. 79: Articles 23, 24, 26, 32 - The Christian Ministry. Deals with issues such as who can minister, how to receive ministry,and the importance of the bible in the ministry of the Church.

12) Cross†Way no. 81: Articles for Today (Part 1)

Roger Beckwith suggests some supplementary Articles to the 39 Articles with specific relevance for today. (Taken from his book 'The Thirty-Nine Articles - Their Place and Use Today' by J I Packer and

R T Beckwith).

13) Cross†Way no. 82: Articles for Today (Part 2)

Includes the issue of the ministry of women in the church.

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