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The Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion is a loose affiliation of self-governing provinces. As such it much more closely follows the pattern of ancient Christian practice and the Orthodox churches than the later development (and then corruption) of centralism which is the hallmark of the Roman Catholics.

Any such affiliation needs some cement to hold it together. Today the Communion is often described in terms of four instruments of unity. However these are merely organizational bonds, what has held the Communion together has been a shared history and belief (particularly expressed in liturgy).

However the Communion has come under increasing strain as parts of it made doctrinal changes without reference to others. This was the case as Provinces began to ordain Women as Priests contrary to the teaching of the Bible (though the Bible uses different terms for ministry) and to the practice of the Christian Church for over 1900 years. More latterly the Communion has been torn assunder by revisionists who insist that homosexual practice should be accepted. Of course these issues are merely the presenting issues. Underneath the far more serious matter is that parts of the Communion, mostly the 'western' provinces have set themselves over the authority of Scripture

Some articles and other statements on the divisions in the Anglican Communion

Division in the Communion - series of pages including various statements and press releases.

Other Pages

How big is the Anglican Communion?


  • Lambeth 1998 - The Death of Anglicanism? Churchman Article by Mark Burkill
  • The Limits of Anglican Diversity - Churchman article by Roger Beckwith examining the inflence of the Lambeth Conference on relations in the Anglican communion.

Official Texts

Press releases

  • February 2005 - Response to the Primate's Statement

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