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Letter to Primates September 2007

The following was included in a letter from Church Society to a number of Primates of the Anglican Communion regarding the present divisions.

We were grateful for the Communiqué produced by the Primates in Tanzania and in particular for the clear call that action be taken and a deadline set for compliance to the commitments of it. We wish to encourage you to stand firm in your resolve as the deadline of 30 September 2007 approaches.

The evidence indicates that the leadership of The Episcopal Church (of the United States of America) does not wish to stop promoting sexual immorality. It seems, therefore, that any response they make will not be in accordance with the Communiqué. Instead, they are more likely to produce a confusing statement which would cloud the issue.

In the light of this we also encourage you to consider not attending the Lambeth Conference in 2008. If the Conference were intended to be a decision making body then it would be important for you to attend. However, it seems that the plan is to turn it into a meeting for fellowship and sharing. As you know the Scriptures teach us not to keep fellowship with those who are in error. Non-attendance would thus be an act of love and would demonstrate to others that the members of The Episcopal Church and others have broken faith with God and his people. Furthermore, it would be a means of helping those who promote sexual immorality to see the error of their ways.

The Primates' attention was also drawn to the Clergy Consultation meeting in November 2007.

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