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The Episcopal Church of the USA

ECUSA has long been fractured by the response to homosexual practice with large numbers of actively homoseuxal men being appointed as clergy and to other positions.

The general liberalism led to the creation of the Anglican Mission in America.  This was established by Anglican Primates from Africa and Asia in order to provide oversight for orthodox believers who wished to remain part of the Anglican Communion but could no longer in conscience remain in ECUSA.

In 2003 the General Convention of ECUSA ratified the appointment of an actively homosexual man, Gene Robinson, as Bishop of New Hampshire.  This action, which represents a major departure from historic biblical Christianity has torn apart ECUSA and created schism within the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Following the appointment in New Hampshire the Anglican Primates established a group under the chairmanship of the liberal Archbishop of Armagh to advise on the appropriate response. This produced the Windsor Report and a weak response to error.

ECUSA was asked to voluntarily withdraw its repsrentatives from the Anglican Consultative Council. It was also asked to express regret and call a halt to further appointments and action. Also proposed was an Anglican Covenant which would mark who is in and who is out of the Communion.

The ECUSA General Convention of 2006 failed to deliver an expression of regret, nor to halt the revisionist agenda, although typical of liberals there was an attempt to comply by twisting the language rather than by doing what was called for.


Documents & articles on ECUSA :

News item :

May 2004 - Letter from Gregg Venables, Primate of the Southern Cone, to the Presiding Bishop of Ecusa

Press Release from Church Society : Church must end the obsession with sex

November 2003
Heretical Bishops who attended consecration of Gene Robinson.

The Crisis of the American Episcopal Church. Paul Zahl examines the history of liberalism and false teaching in ECUSA. (Churchman article from 2003)

The Limits of Anglican Diversity - Churchman article by Roger Beckwith examining the inflence of the Lambeth Conference on relations in the Anglican communion.

Common Cause in the U.S. - Cross†Way article by David Phillips examining the Common Cause partners in the Episcopal Church (2007).

ACNA: The Constitution and Canons of the Anglican Church in North America : A Conservative Evangelical View. Cross†Way article by Robin G. Jordan (2009).

An Anglican Prayer Book (2008). Cross†Way article by Robin G. Jordan crititquing and outlining the history of this new prayer book prepared for the AMiA which was built on the U.S. 1928 Prayer Book (2009).


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