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Archbishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams)

Prior to the announcement Church Society opposed the appointment of Dr Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury and since then the Council has stated consistently that we cannot accept his spiritual authority. The Society has stated that this is not a personal matter but that it is intolerable for someone who holds the views he holds to be Archbishop of the Church of England.

A REPORT OF THE MEETING of representatives of the Society with Dr Williams after his appointment was announced.

Press releases regarding the appointment

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Subsequent statements or analysis.

Spring 2012

Shadow Gospel: Rowan Williams and the Anglican Communion Crises. By Charles Raven. Churchman review by Stephen Walton, issue Spring 2012

February 2008

Open Letter to the Primates and faithful Anglicans of the Gloval South accompanied by
Summary of the teaching of Rowan Williams from a report by SPREAD.

Summer 2007

'Not Discerning the Body': Revisiting Rowan Williams' "The Body's Grace." Churchman article by John Richardson.

November 2007

Archbishop's secretive communion service with "Clergy Consultation"

June 2006

A Challenge Without A Hope. James Crabtree comments on Rowan Williams paper, 'The Challenge and Hope of being an Anglican Today.'

Previous papers

Professor Gerald Bray's critique of 'The Body's Grace' by Rowan Willia

Of Druids, Bards & Archbishops

News Release concerning letter to the Sunday Times. The Sunday Times has consistently supported Rowan Williams and its sister paper, The Times, was instrumental in casting unfounded allegations against other candidates for Archbishop. The religious affairs correspondent of the Sunday Times was Rowan Williams best man.

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