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Coronation Oath Act 1688

(With modernised spelling.)

An Act for Establishing the Coronation Oath.

Whereas by the Law and Ancient Usage of this Realm the Kings and Queens thereof have taken a Solemn Oath upon the Evangelists at Their respective Coronations to maintain the Statutes Laws and Customs of the said Realm and all the People and Inhabitants thereof in their Spiritual and Civil Rights and Properties But forasmuch as the Oath itself on such Occasion Administered hath heretofore been framed in doubtful Words and Expressions with relation to ancient Laws and Constitutions at this time unknown To the end therefore that One Uniform Oath may be in all Times to come taken by the Kings and Queens of this Realm and to Them respectively Administered at the times of Their and every of Their Coronation.

May it please Your Majesties That the Oath herein Mentioned and hereafter Expressed shall and may be Administered to their most Excellent Majesties King William and Queen Mary (whom God long preserve) at the time of Their Coronation in the presence of all Persons that shall be then and there present at the Solemnizing thereof by the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Archbishop of York or either of them or any other Bishop of this Realm whom the King’s Majesty shall thereunto appoint and who shall be hereby thereunto respectively Authorized which Oath followeth and shall be Administered in this Manner That is to say,

The Arch-Bishop or Bishop shall say,
Will You solemnly Promise and Swear to Govern the People of this Kingdome of England and the Dominions thereto belonging according to the Statutes in Parliament Agreed on and the Laws and Customs of the same?

The King and Queen shall say,
I solemnly Promise so to do.

Arch Bishop or Bishop,
Will You to Your power cause Law and Justice in Mercy to be Executed in all Your Judgements.
King and Queen,
I will.
Arch Bishop or Bishop.

Will You to the utmost of Your power Maintain the Laws of God the true Profession of the Gospel and the Protestant Reformed Religion Established by Law? And will You Preserve unto the Bishops and Clergy of this Realm and to the Churches committed to their Charge all such Rights and Privileges as by Law do or shall appertain unto them or any of them.
King and Queen.
All this I Promise to do.

After this the King and Queen laying His and Her Hand upon the Holy Gospels, shall say,
King and Queen
The things which I have here before promised I will perform and Keep So help me God.
Then the King and Queen shall kiss the Book.

And the said Oath shall be in like manner Administered to every King or Queen who shall Succeed to the Imperial Crown of this Realm at their respective Coronations by one of the Archbishops or Bishops of this Realm of England for the time being to be thereunto appointed by such King or Queen respectively and in the Presence of all Persons that shall be Attending Assisting or otherwise present at such their respective Coronations Any Law Statute or Usage to the contrary notwithstanding.

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