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 General Synod Fringe 2007
The Answer to What?
The Cross and Penal Substitution in Recent Debate.

Revd Dr Mike Ovey
Principal elect of Oak Hill Theological College

July 2007 York University

In presenting the gospel of Christ, in responding to error and in teaching the faith from generation to generation Christians through the ages have sought in particular to explain the significance of the death of Christ on the cross. Disputes have often arisen, not least in recent years when a central aspect of this teaching, penal substitution, has been particularly in the spotlight. These are not esoteric discussions, but reflect and impact our understanding of the nature of God, the authority of Scripture and how to engage in mission in the modern world.

Our speaker, Mike Ovey, has recently co-authored a book on this subject (Pierced for our Transgressions, with Steve Jeffrey and Andrew Sach) to engage with these disputes.

Mike is Principal elect of Oak Hill Theological College having been Kingham Hill Lecturer in Doctrine, Apologetics & Philosophy since 1998. Before ordination he was a civil service lawyer drafting government legislation. Mike trained at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, worked as a curate for four years at All Saints, Crowborough, and taught for three years at Moore Theological College, Sydney. His doctorate is in the field of trinitarian theology.

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