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 General Synod Fringe 2002

Teaching the truth about Evolution

Professor Edgar Andrews
Emeritus Professor of Materials in the University of London

July 2002 York University


Leaflet based on Professor Andrews' talk.


Writing in the May issue of the Evangelical Times David Tyler argues that the suppression of creationist arguments in education (and, indeed, in the media) harms rather than strengthens the cause of scientific enquiry. This is because genuine science progresses when dominant scientific theories are questioned, falsified and modified as new facts come to light. To suppress informed criticism of Evolution is to damage both science and its teaching, and to change the status of evolutionary theory from a science to a faith.

Scientific integrity threatened

In the UK today we face a dire situation with respect to the teaching of origins. School children, university students, and the general public are exposed to a continual barrage of propaganda from their teachers and the media promoting Evolution and ridiculing any who oppose it. This ridicule is directed not only against those who reject Evolution on biblical grounds, but also to any scientists, however reputable, who are willing to brave the wrath of the scientific establishment for the sake of scientific integrity and open enquiry.

Evolution — hypothesis or paradigm?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that every ‘proof’ and tenet of macro-Evolution has been seriously questioned by evolutionary scientists themselves during recent years. Many of them are willing to admit in private that Evolution is, for them, little more than a ‘working hypothesis’.

Yet in Britain today these facts are suppressed, ignored, or waved aside as mere details.  Why is this? Because Evolution is a paradigm within which life and humanity can be ‘explained’ without recourse to God. If we are created by God in his own image, as the Bible teaches, then we are moral beings, accountable to God. If, on the other hand, we are the product of a blind process of evolution, there is no such accountability and we may safely ignore God (even if he exists). Evolution (as distinct from valid biological science and teaching based on experimentally verified facts) is not only a theory of origins, but a theory of being which excludes God from the equation. It is, in short, a materialistic faith.

An intelligent Creator

It is time to face up to the deficiencies of Evolutionary theory and allow these deficiencies to be taught and debated publicly, both in the media and in our schools and colleges. It is also time, positively, for Special Creation to be recognised as an intellectually valid account of origins in opposition to the current philosophy that everything can be ‘explained’ scientifically. 

Edgar Andrews

He was an international consultant to the Dow Chemical Company, USA, for over 30 years and to 3M Company, USA, for 15 years, and has served on a variety of scientific, professional and government boards and committees. He has been a Director of a number of public and private companies, and is currently Chairman of Evangelical Press, an Editor of Evangelical Times, and President of the Biblical Creation Society. He also co-pastors a Baptist Church in Welwyn Garden City.

He has lectured and broadcast widely on Creation and Evolution matters, in UK, USA and Europe, and has debated Darwinism with TV botanist David Bellamy at Durham University and with Richard Dawkins (the latter at the Oxford Union Debate celebrating the centenary of the 1860 debate between Bishop Samuel Wilberforce and Thomas Huxley).

His books on origins include From Nothing to Nature (translated into ten languages); Is Evolution Scientific?; God, Science and Evolution; and Christ and the Cosmos.

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