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 Conference 2011

The Eclipse of the Gospel

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1-3 July 2011


High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire Brochure


Report of the Conference




The rise of Anglo-catholicism, the eclipse of the gospel and the issues confronting us today.

"The deepest and most fervid religion in England, during the first three decades of this century was that of the Evangelicals."
So wrote Henry Liddon in his "Life of Pusey" describing evangelicalism two centuries ago. But, within the Church of England that evangelicalism was soon threatened by the rise of Anglo-catholicism.

What was initially known as the Oxford Movement and Tractarianism manifested itself as a concern for the dignity of the Church in the face of growing secularism. However, it was soon followed by the re-emergence in the Church of England of Catholic teaching on authority, salvation and the Church, and by the adoption of medieval Catholic ritualism.

These things are of much more than mere historical interest. Catholic ritual is now widespread in the Church and we still live with the breakdown of discipline as Anglo-catholics in the later 19th century refused to obey ecclesiastical and canon law. More importantly the true gospel has been eclipsed in large parts of the church.
Today, as we face theological liberalism and divisions over issues such as women bishops and sexuality in the Church and secularisation in society, we are confronted with questions of how closely we can and should work with Anglo-catholics and with Roman Catholics.

It is intended that there should be ample time for discussion after each of the talks.

The conference will begin with lunch on Friday and end with lunch on Sunday. There will be a service in the Chapel on Sunday morning.

Just before lunch on Saturday Church Society will hold its formal, and hopefully brief, AGM. Non-members are welcome to attend this or can take advantage of some of the local places to visit. There will be some free time after lunch on Saturday.



Subjects and Speakers:


Bible Readings

John Richardson best known in the blogosphere as the Ugley Vicar, was brought up in Anglo-catholicism. John will be giving three Bible readings.


Authority and Justification

David Phipps, having ministered in Coventry, Wales, Cornwall and Devon is now retired. His doctorate was on Newman's doctrine of the Church. He will speak about authority, justification and Newman.

The Earl of Shaftesbury and the challenge of Anglo-catholicism.

Richard Turnbull, Principal of Wycliffe Hall will speak on his current area of research - The Earl of Shaftesbury and the challenge of Anglo-catholicism.

In this sign conquer - a journey into grace

Rob Desics is Vicar of St Timothy's Parish Church, Middlesbrough. He was formerly an anglo-catholic and a member of the Society of the Holy Cross. He will speak on "In this sign conquer - a journey into grace".

The Collapse of Evangelical Anglicanism in North America

Gillis Harp is Professor of History at Grove City College, Grove City, Pensylvannia.

Introduction &

The Evangelical Response to the Oxford Movement

David Phillips is General Secretary of Church Society





Additional Information

Venue: Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

Bookstall – a wide range of books will be on sale at the conference bookstall. All books will be discounted from their RRP.






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