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 Conference 2009

The Church of England Catholic or Reformed?


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11-13 May 2009


High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire Brochure




What is the fundamental nature of the Church of England? Is our Church Catholic or Reformed, clearly defined or loosely understood? These questions have been with us for hundreds of years but have renewed importance in our own day. Moreover, as people respond to gross error within the Anglican Communion new networks, fellowships and even a Province are being created. What will be the theological bases of these new entities; will they be Catholic or Reformed? What is the fundamental nature of Anglicanism?

The Church Society conference will explore these questions in relation to Scripture, history, theology and contemporary issues.

Reformed theology traces its descent particularly through the strands of the Protestant Reformation most closely associated with John Calvin and 2009 marks the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth.

On the Tuesday afternoon Church Society will hold its formal, and hopefully brief, AGM. Non-members are welcome to attend this or can take advantage of some of the local places to visit.

Report of the Conference

Click here to listen to the talks by Lee Gatiss on Augustus Toplady and the Reformed Tradtion in the Church of England





Roger Beckwith
Roger Beckwith, former Warden of Latimer House, Oxford, will explore the history and theology of the Church of England to consider the underlying question, is this Church Catholic or Reformed?
Angus Macleay
Angus Macleay will give three expositions on the book of Habbakuk addressed to a nation facing the judgement of God. Angus is Rector of St. Nicholas, Sevenoaks and a member of the General Synod.
Lee Gatiss
Lee Gatiss, Associate minister of St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, will consider the writings and arguments of Augustus Toplady in his staunch defence of the historic Calvinism of the Church of England.
Paul Darlington
Paul is the minister of Holy Trinity Oswestry. He will speak on some of the practicalities of ministering in a context where the question of catholic or reformed is very much a live issue.


There will be two further sessions addressing contemporary issues in the Church with input and open discussion.


Additional Information

Venue: High Leigh Conference Centre
Lord Street, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 8SG
Travel Directions

Bookstall – a wide range of books will be on sale at the conference bookstall. All books will be discounted from their RRP.

House Rules: No pets, except guide dogs. No alcohol to be taken onto premises.

Soap and towels are included in en-suite rooms but not standard accomodation.




Either book on-line or download the full brochure (704kb) or booking form (92kb) and send it with your payment to the Church Society office.


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