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 Past Conferences - 2008

The Danger of Evangelical Apostasy



12-14 May 2008


High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire Brochure (718kb)



Liberated from the tyranny of Rome the churches of the Reformation have often struggled with the problem of those who have produced unprecedented and unwarranted interpretations of Scripture. The rise of Biblical scepticism and full-blown liberalism led to others elevating reason above all else to the extent that even the clearest teaching and themes of Scripture could be ignored.

Evangelicalism is susceptible to both these tendencies. The movement now seems to embrace views which our evangelical forebears would have considered unbiblical.

One of the aims of the conference is to reflect on the theme biblically, theologically, historically and from experience in order that we might better uphold the faith once delivered.

The conference will run from lunch on Monday to lunch on Wednesday. On Monday evening we will have an open session, which will focus on some of the issues currently facing the Church of England.

On the Tuesday afternoon Church Society will hold its formal, and hopefully brief, AGM. Non-members are welcome to attend this or can take advantage of some of the local places to visit.

Report of the Conference




Iain Murray
Iain has written numerous books and is a co-founder of the Banner of Truth Trust. He has ministered in London and Sydney. He will give three talks encompassing aspects of our main theme.

Jonathan Fletcher
Jonathan will give three Bible readings. He has been the minister of Emmanauel Church, Wimbledon since 1982 and has a wide-ranging Bible teaching and evangelistic ministry, both in the UK and overseas.

Andrew Sach
Andrew is on the staff team of St. Helen’s Bishopsgate and is the co-author of ‘Dig Deeper!’ and ‘Pierced for our Transgressions’. He will speak on the theme of the attacks on the evangelical doctrine of the cross.

Nick Tucker
Nick, having previously ministered with UCCF and in Bebington, is research fellow at Oak Hill College. He will speak on Christology and the Gospel in the 19th Century, which is related to his area of research.

We regret that Carl Trueman has had to pull out of the conference due to unexpected commitments at Westminster Seminary but we are grateful to Iain Murray for stepping in at late notice.


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