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Church Society Trust

 Church Society Trust Conferences

Church Society Trust, the patronage arm of Church Society, holds conferences to equip those involved in appointments to parishes.


Audio CDs of the talks from the March 2006 Conference


Details of March 2006 Conference

Maintaining a Biblical Ministry in the Parish

Equipping lay leaders with particular reference to vacancies and appointments.

This meeting will be of interest to clergy and lay leaders whether you face a vacancy in the near future, or not for many years. We would like to help you think not only about the present leadership and ministry within your parish but how you can best work now to ensure continuity of evangelical ministry for the future.

The issues we will be addressing are not just for parishes where there is likely to be a vacancy soon but for all who want to think responsibly about the long term. We wish to encourage lay leaders to understand the priorities of gospel ministry and in the light of these to be prepared for the day, near or far, when a new appointment might need to be made.

We want to help clergy in understanding and explaining to others about the peculiarities of the appointments system in the Church of England and how best, with a long-term view, to work for continuity of clear evangelical ministry.

Our experience over many years as Directors of Church Society Trust is that many of our parishes seem unprepared for what awaits them in an interregnum. They do not fully understand the legal situation regarding appointments and they can often be intimidated by the diocesan hierarchy, and do not appreciate their own rights and responsibilities.

Attending this meeting does not mean that either you (if you are a clergyman) or your vicar (if you are a lay leader) are about to leave, but that you wish to be prepared for the day when, by your design or the Lord's, you are faced with the need to secure continuing gospel ministry in your parish.

The meeting will also be of particular interest for clergy and lay people who are themselves patrons, those serving on Deanery or Diocesan Pastoral Committees, Diocesan Synod and so on.


Biblical Principles for Ministry.

(Canon David Wheaton, formerly Principal of Oak Hill College)

The Parish Reps. Perspective.

(Mr Cedric Parrish, Churchwarden, Parish of Danehill)

Appointment Procedures and the Need to Maintain a     Biblical Ministry.

(Michael Walters, Chairman of Church Society Trust)

Any Questions

with panel of Trust Directors




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