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 Annual General Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the
Annual General Meeting of Church Society
will be held at Oak Hill College
on Saturday 1st June 2013
commencing at 3.00pm

The business of the meeting will be:
1. To approve the Minutes of the last AGM.
2. To elect Honorary Officers.
3. To elect the members of the Council for the ensuing year (see note 1).
4. To receive and consider the Accounts for 2012 together with the Directors’ and Auditor’s reports (to be tabled).
5. To elect and fix remuneration of the Auditors.
6. To receive the Church Society Director's report.
7. To receive the report from the Chairman of Finance.

8. To transact any other business proper to an AGM (see note 2).

Once the above business is complete the meeting will be adjourned until the result of the Council election is known.  The meeting will be reconvened as soon as possible in order to announce the result and then it will be formally closed.

Note 1 :NOMINATIONS TO COUNCIL Under the Society’s Articles of Association a member wishing to propose a person for election to the Council must serve notice on the Church Society Office between 10th May and 17th May 2013 (both dates inclusive).  A nomination form has been included in the mailing with this notice giving further details.

Note 2 : OTHER RESOLUTIONS A member wishing to propose any Resolution must have given the Church Society Office in writing a copy of the Resolution to be proposed with the names of the proposer and seconder thereof, between 10th May and 17th May 2013 (both dates inclusive).

Church Society Director   1st May 2013

Other Papers

Download Nomination Form as a PDF

Annual Report and Accounts 2012


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