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Original:Lydford on Fosse
Dedication:St Peter
Benefice:Wheathill Priory Group of Parishes: Keinton Mandeville w Lydford on Fosse, Barton St David & Kingweston
Diocese: Bath & Wells
Patronage:By turn: 1 in 5 Other turns W A Whitehead (2) Bishop (2) (CST has first appointment, then W A Whitehead 2 &4, Bishop 3, Mrs Burden 5).
Where patronage is exercised by turns Church Society Trust may have had no role in an appointment. Where patronage is held jointly the Trust likewise has a reduced role. Where a living is suspended the involvement of the Trust depends on the circumstances and the attitude of the Bishop.
Acquired from:
Acquired by:NCL
Status of Benefice:Suspendee from 25 April 2006 for 5 years (24 Apr 2011)
Location: Multimap Link
CST Ref:65
The following are schemes, pictures and other documents relating to this parish
1 November 2000Scheme for union of parishes
1 January 1989Scheme for making the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, East Lydford redundant
1 November 1977Scheme for union of benefices
12 November 1971Scheme for change benefice name and union of parishes
Documents:1) Copy of Deed of appointment between Revd James Inskip and the National Church League and others the New Trustees, 29/7/1949. This deed witnesseth hereby appoints the new trustees to be trustees of the said conveyance in the place of Viscount Brentford and others. The Schedule above referred to: 7/12/1903, Indenture, between Revd G. Hemming and Revd H. Webb-Peploe and others being a conveyance upon Trusts of the advowsons of and rights of Patronage and Presentation of and to the Rectory and Parish Church of Lydford and the Rectory and Parish Church of Wheathill whereby the said advowsons and perpetual rights of patronage and presentation became vested in the grantees 2) Copy of the advowson of Keinton Mandeville with Lydford on Fosse between Dr O. Wright-Holmes the retiring trustee and the Church Society Trust the new trustee. The retiring trustee hereby appoints the new trustee to be trustee of the Trust Deed.
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