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 Book Reviews

Books for review should be sent to the Church Society office.

Normally around one fifth of each issue is made up of book reviews. The reviews editor is Lee Gatiss. Churchman cannot guarantee that books received will be reviewed. Lee maintains a list of books received for review on LibraryThing.

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VolIssBook TitleBook AuthorOther information
1281THE FIRST LETTER TO THE CORINTHIANS: The Pillar New Testament CommentaryRoy E. Ciampa & Brian S. RosnerApollos: Nottingham, 2010 922pp 44.99hb ISBN: 9781844744848
1281TRUE SPIRITUALITYVaughan RobertsIVP: Nottingham, 2011 214pp 7.84pb ISBN: 9781844745180
1281C.S. LEWIS: A LifeAlister McGrathLondon, Hodder & Stoughton, 2013 431pp 20hb ISBN: 9781444745528
1281THE ASHGATE RESEARCH COMPANION TO JOHN OWEN'S THEOLOGYKelly M. Kapic & Mark Jones, eds.Farnham: Ashgate, 2012 352pp 85hb ISBN: 9781409434887
1281UNDERSTANDING BIBLICAL THEOLOGY: A Comparison of Theory and PracticeEdward W. Klink III & Darian R. LockettGrand Rapids, Mich.: Zondervan, 2012 193pp 11.99pb ISBN: 9780310492238
1281EVERYDAY CHURCH: Mission by Being Good NeighboursTim Chester & Steve TimmisNottingham: IVP, 2011 224pp 10.99pb ISBN: 9781844745203
1281CHARLES HODGE: Guardian of American OrthodoxyPaul C. GutjahrNew York: Oxford University Press, 2011 477pp 36hb ISBN: 9780199740420
1281ACTSEckhard J. SchnabelGrand Rapids: Zondervan, 2012 1162pp 38.99hb ISBN: 9780310243670
1281POLITICAL AFFECTIONS: Civic Participation and Moral TheologyJoshua HordernOxford: OUP, 2013 312pp 65hb ISBN: 9780199646814
1281DANGEROUS CALLING: The Unique Challenges of Pastoral MinistryPaul David TrippNottingham: Inter-Varsity Press, 2012 224pp 11.99pb ISBN: 9781844746026
1281THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION UNDERGROUND: 19371940Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Victoria J. Barnett, ed.)Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2012 726pp 36.54hb ISBN: 9780800698157
1281GOD IS IMPASSIBLE AND IMPASSIONED: Toward a Theology of Divine EmotionRob ListerNottingham: IVP, 2012 336pp 16.99pb ISBN: 9781844746019
1281TRUE FEELINGS: Perspectives on Emotions in Christian Life and MinistryMichael P. Jensen, ed.Nottingham: IVP, 2012 288pp 14.99pb ISBN: 9781844745937
1281ENCOUNTERING GOD TOGETHERDavid G. PetersonNottingham, IVP, 2013 192pp 9.99pb ISBN: 9781844746071
1281SHAPERS OF ENGLISH CALVINISM, 16601714: Variety, Persistence, and TransformationDewey D. Wallace, Jr.Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011 358pp 45hb ISBN: 9780199744831
1281DENUDED DEVOTION TO CHRIST: The Ascetic Piety of Protestant True Religion in the ReformationLarry HarwoodEugene, Oreg.: Pickwick Publications, 2013 170pp 16pb ISBN: 9781610970761
1281POPOLOGETICS: Popular Culture in Christian PerspectiveTed TurnauPhillipsburg, N.J.: P&R, 2012 368pp 14.99pb ISBN: 9781596383890
1281ETERNAL GOD: A Study of God without TimePaul HelmOxford: Oxford University Press, 2010 (2d ed.) 302pp 55hb; 19.99pb ISBN: 9780199590384
1281NIV PROCLAMATION BIBLELee Gatiss, ed.London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2013 1536pp (of which 195pp are the additional notes) 28.99hb ISBN: 9781444745603
1281SAINT PETER: The Underestimated Apostle Martin HengelGrand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2010 161p 11.99pb ISBN: 9780802827
1281REASON AND RELIGION IN THE ENGLISH REVOLUTION: The Challenge of SocinianismSarah MortimerCambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2010 viii+272pp 55hb ISBN: 9780521517041
1281WHY WE BELONG: Evangelical Unity and Denominational DiversityAnthony L. Chute, Christopher W. Morgan & Robert A. Peterson, ed.Wheaton: Crossway, 2013 251pp 12.99pb ISBN: 9781433514838
1281OF THE LAWS OF ECCLESIASTICAL POLITY: A Critical Edition with Modern Spelling (3 volumes)Richard Hooker (Arthur Stephen McGrade, ed.)Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013 1152pp 275hb ISBN: 9730199604951
1281ECCLESIASTES AND THE SONG OF SONGS (Apollos Old Testament Commentary 16)Daniel C. Fredericks & Daniel J. EstesNottingham: IVP, 2010 448pp 21.99hb ISBN: 9780830825158
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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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