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Editorial Board  
The Rev Professor Gerald Bray Editor
The Rev Dr Mike Ovey Chairman
The Rev Lee Gatiss Reviews Editor
The Rev George Curry Business Manager
The Rev Dr Andrew Atherstone
The Rev Nigel Atkinson
The Rev Dr Roger Beckwith
The Rev Dr Mark Burkill
The Rev Dr Andrew Hartropp
The Rev John Percival
The Rev John Richardson
The Rev Mark Smith
The Rev Ben Thompson
The Rev Tom Watts


The Chairman, Editor and Editorial Board are appointed on an annual basis by the Council of Church Society who are themeselves elected annually by the membership of the Society.


Overseas Consultants  
The Rev Charles Raven Africa : East
The Rev Dr Benjamin Dean Africa : South
The Rev Dr Stephen Fagbemi Africa : West
The Rev Dr Mark Thompson Australia
The Rev C. Peter Molloy Canada
The Rev Malcolm Falloon New Zealand
Dr Gillis Harp USA
The Rev Dr Peter Walker USA



Churchman was first published in 1879 although there had been a journal of that name published in the 1830s. Churchman was taken over by the National Church League in 1917 both to ensure it remained a firmly evangelical publication and to ensure its continuing viability. The League became Church Society in 1950.

An article by John Wolfe on the first 100 years of Churchman was published in volume 103.

Articles Online

From volume 116 onwards articles are being added to the website a couple of years after publication. Older articles are gradually being added. The list of past articles is at present incomplete but it is hoped that this will be gradually supplemented. All updates are notified through the Church Society RSS feed and to e-mail subscribers to EVnews.

An articles database allows for searching by volume, year, author or title.

House Style

Details of the most recent House Style can be found on page for authors.


Churchman contains a limited amount of advertising space and details of how to advertise in the journal can be found on the advertising page.


The journal is self-financing, the costs of production being covered by subscriptions, advertising, royalties and sales. However, all the finance is administered through Church Society.


General enquiries regarding Churchman should be directed through the Church Society office.

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Editor | Professor Gerald Bray

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Random Article
Marchant, G J C
Aspects of Anglicanism
Volume: 092 Issue: 3 (1978)


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