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  Penrhyn Hall, Walthamstow


By a Deed of Gift, dated 1st April, 1930, Colonel Sir Thomas Courtenay T. Warner conveyed to the Trustees of St John’s Church, Walthamstow, freehold premises in Penrhyn Avenue, Walthamstow, Essex as a site for the erection of a Church Hall or Parish Hall, in connection with St John’s Church, Walthamstow.  The Deed granted and conveyed the land “to hold the same unto the trustees in fee simple upon the trusts and with, under and subject to powers, provisions and declarations set forth in a Deed Poll under the hands and seals of the Trustees dated 18th January, 1929”, but subject to further covenants.

That trust set up in 1929 (a conveyance of land and a declaration of trusts setting out the conditions for holding it) was originally for holding some land (the Forest View site) in the Parish of St John’s, which might have been used in the future for the building of a daughter church, but also permitted that unless and until that happened, any building erected upon the site could be used under the direction and control of the vicar of St John’s, Walthamstow, all so long as consistent with evangelical principles.  Provision also covered any other property or funds acquired.  The land was sold in 1971, as also allowed for in the original settlement, and the trustees empowered to use the income for financing work within the parish.

Under the terms of the 1929 trust the statutory power of appointing trustees was exercisable by the surviving or continuing Trustees with the consent of the National Church League, and at least two of the Trustees had to be members of the League.  As a result of the incorporation of the National Church League into Church Society in 1950, the Society took over the role of approving the Trustees and appointing two.

The original 1930 Deed of Gift conveying the premises for the erection of the Hall itself contained a number of restrictive covenants.   These included: That the piece of land conveyed could not be used other than as a site for the erection of a Church Hall or Sunday School for the celebration of divine service and public worship in accordance with the regulations , rites and ceremonies of the Church of England;  that building had to commence not later than 24 June 1930; and that amongst others, the premises could not be used as a licensed public house or Inn or beer house or a club where liquor may be sold or consumed, or as a place for frying fish!




On 16th December 1996 the Charity Commissioners approved a scheme which made Church Society the trustees both of ‘The Charity in connection with St John’s, Walthamstow’ and of ‘The Charity in connection with Penrhyn Hall, Walthamstow’.  This included title to land.  However, more in keeping with the earlier arrangements and under provisions in Church Society’s articles of association, the Council of Church Society has appointed persons to act on its behalf as managing trustees – the Walthamstow (St. John’s and Penrhyn Hall) Trusts.



1930 Deed of Gift of Freehold premises in Penrhyn Avenue Walthamstow

Those relating to the Walthamstow subsidiary trust funds

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