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Church Society Trust

  St Faith's Parish Room Fund


The Council of Church Society are the Trustees of this fund.

The Parish Room at St. Faith's Maidstone was put in the hands of Trustees in 1926. The Trustees were to be the Patronage Trustees of the National Church League. Trusteeship thus passed to Church Society Trust in 1950 and by a Charity Commission Scheme to Church Society in 1996.

The Trustees were to permit the Parish Room to be used by the Vicar on various conditions including:

That the religious traditions of the said Parish shall be preserved and maintained and the services and work thereof conducted in accordance with the reformed and evangelical principles of the Church of England as found in Holy Scripture and contained in the Book of Common Prayer and the thirty nine Articles of Religion as at present subsisting.

The Trust Deed gave the Trustees the power to sell the building, invest the proceeds and apply the income. The building was sold in 1971. Clause 4 thus governs the current purpose of the Fund:

(a) Upon Trust so often as a Vicar of the said Parish shall have been appointed who shall in the opinion of the Trustees carry out the traditions of the said parish to pay the income of the Trust Fund to such Vicar for the purposes of the said Parish but if no such Vicar shall have been appointed at the expiration of ten years from the date of the sale of the property hereby conveyed then

(b) Upon trust to apply the income of the Trust fund as the Trustees in their absolute discretion shall think fit for the general purposes of the National Church League.


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