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  Birchington Convalescent Benefit Fund


The Council of Church Society acts as Trustee for the Birchington Convalescent Benefit Fund.  This fund is used to help 'poor children' to have a 'change of air' whilst they are recovering from illness or suffering from a long-term illness.  In practice the Trustees give modest grants to help children and their families to take a holiday where they might otherwise not be able to afford to do so.  Grants are rarely given for expensive or overseas holidays. 

Grants are made to those under the age of 18 living in the UK and in order to ensure that applications are genuine the Council requires that they are supported by a recognised person or body, such as social services, a doctor or charity.

Decisions regarding payments are made in February, April and June.

Those awarded a grant also receive a complimentary childrens bible.

All applicants must complete the Application Form and send it to the Church Society office:


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This is a Permanent Endowment fund.

The fund was formed following the sale of the Church Sisters home in Birchington Kent.

The Church Sisters held firmly to the reformed protestant basis of the C of E.

Present Purpose

The Trustees shall apply the clear yearly income of the Charity in making grants to enable poor children and in default of poor children other poor persons to obtain convalescent treatment or change of air of which in either case they are in need after illness: Provided that income of the Charity shall not be applied in relief of rates, taxes or other public funds.


The most recent document is a Charity Commission Scheme sealed 17 June 1952

The Society also has some records relating th the Church Sisters Home.

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