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  The E A Beynon Bequest



This Permanent Endowment Fund derived from a bequest of the Rev Edgar Allen Beynon.

There was also a small F M Beynon Bequest in the past.  When Rev E A Beynon died the bequest was managed by his brother The Rev J W Beynon. Part of the estate of E A Beynon included investments left to him by their mother Mrs F M Beynon (who died in the 1930s). It appears that J W Beynon did not include this and therefore Church Society did not receive some of the funds due to them under the will of E A Beynon.
When J W Beynon died (in the 1950s) this came to light and the additional funds due to the Society became part of a separate trust. The F M Beynon Fund (which was quite small) was merged into the E A Beynon Fund in 1996.

The Society also has documentation relating to land once owned by H A Beynon but investigations in the past do not seem to have thrown any light on the significane of this.

It is possible that Edward A Beynon was the son of John Middleton Beynon, who was Rector of Llanvaches in the 1881 Census in which case Edward was born in about 1878 (thus dying at the age of 61).  In this case his brother was John William Beynon, born about 1870, and they also had a sister Lucy T Beynon.

Present Purpose

The bequest was for the benefit of the National Church League, now Church Society.

The Trustees shall invest the fund and apply the income for the general purposes of Church Society for so long as it continues to support the Evangelical doctrines of the Church of England as defined by the League in their printed documents and papers in the year 1927. If and when the Church of England is by law disestablished the Society is to stand possessed of such income for so long as the aforementioned conditions are fulfilled provided that if at any time the CofE (whether disestablished or not) becomes exclusively Anglo-Catholic or Roman Catholic and the Society ceases to exist or drifts into what is known as Protestant dissent and no longer exclusively teaches the doctrines which it is the object of this trust to promulgate then the income shall be applied for the redemption of the national debt by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
No Roman Catholic is to benefit under the will.


The will of the Rev Edward A Beynon proved July 1939.


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